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We're David and Junwoo, and in each episode/blog we'll talk to our guests about exciting projects, startups and/or research they are working on, and learn about what drives them.

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#17 - Bringing back Rockets from Space | Anna Sulzer | PERIPHAS

We spoke with Anna Sulzer, who was a systems engineer of PERIPHAS, which in 2022 developed guidance, navigation, and control for the recovery of a sounding rocket usin...

#16 - The Y Combinator experience with Waveline | Jan Schnyder pt. 2

This episode is hosted by me, David and today I speak with Jan who you might remember from his first appearance on the podcast about 6 months ago. Jan is the founder o...

#15 - Using seaweed to replace plastic | Jessica Farda

This episode is hosted by me, David and I speak with Jessica who is the founder of Noriware, a startup that turns seaweed into plastic packaging, cutting the dependenc...

#14 - Stripe for data: Sid, Unlocking the ultimate personal assistant | Max Rumpf

This episode is hosted by me, David and I speak with Max, who’s a CS Master student at ETH and the co-founder of Sid. Sid enables generative AI companies to leverage t...

#13 - Starting a company right after high-school, Kork, Rocketlaunch, Forbes 30u30 | Noah Faoro

This episode is hosted by me, David and I speak with Noah Faoro, a Swiss entrepreneur and co-founder of KORK, the largest service marketplace in Switzerland which he f...

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