#15 - Using seaweed to replace plastic | Jessica Farda

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This episode is hosted by me, David and I speak with Jessica who is the founder of Noriware, a startup that turns seaweed into plastic packaging, cutting the dependency on unsustainable fossil fuels and making our packaging home compostable and even edible. We speak about how Noriware was born from an accident during a home experiment, the hurdles Jessica has had to overcome to turn this realization into a startup while being a student of international affairs, and I even got to see and touch one of their early prototypes. Jessica’s perserverance and resilience has made this one of the most inspiring conversations I’ve had on the podcast and I truly wish Jessica and her team all the best in the future. I hope you realize during the episode that if you set your mind on something you can do it regardless of your background.


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#15 - Using seaweed to replace plastic | Jessica Farda
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