#8 - AITHON: Concrete Drilling Drone, Studying in Hometown | Timon Mathis

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In this episode, I had a conversation with Timon Mathis, a last year Bachelor Student at ETH Zurich, who is the Technical lead of the concrete drilling drone project AITHON.

We talk about their initial prototypes using vacuum cleaners, to successful completion of their 1-year focus project at ETH Zurich, as well as their current progress in forming a startup.

We also discussed his high school project of creating roman concretes using homemade ovens, doing Curling as a hobby, and being a part-time firefighter.

AITHON was one of the most fascinating projects I have come across, and I hope you find this episode insightful as well!

Memorable quotes:

“It is worth it if you have the option, infrastructure and opportunity to invest your time in such a big project. Who is going to care about half of you studying when you have developed such a cool thing?”

“Go for what you are fascinated of and do project-based work because in the end it really matters what you can build out of yourself and out of your own intuition.”

"Sometimes you have the dumb idea that you begin to design something and then you end up with such an amazing project."

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#8 - AITHON: Concrete Drilling Drone, Studying in Hometown | Timon Mathis
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