#5 - Generai: your AI artist, Generative AI art for the masses | Jan Schnyder

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This episode is hosted by me, David and I speak with Jan who is studying Machine Learning for his Masters of Computer Science at ETH. He is also the co-founder of Generai, a young startup aiming to bring poster-quality AI-generated art to the masses. We speak about how Generai was born and their recent launch, the fast development of the generative AI field, the many applications and open-source tools emanating from this, some of the controversies that this has raised and lastly an outlook on Generai’s future and the field in general. Jan is deeply immersed in this field so I learned a ton from this conversation and I’m sure you will too.

“The century we live in now will be remembered as the one where computers learned the human language”


Generai’s website: http://generai.art 

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#5 - Generai: your AI artist, Generative AI art for the masses | Jan Schnyder
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