#9 - InClub, the anti-social media trend | Luca Bertelli

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This episode is hosted by me, David and I speak with Luca who is the co-founder and backend development manager at InClub. InClub is part of the anti-social media trend by helping people become doers in the real world by connecting its users with like-minded individuals that share the same passion. In this conversation, we delve into how Luca ended up at InClub in Zurich immediately after his studies in Milan, and the journey of InClub and its community since then. If you want to learn firsthand what life is like as a developer at a young startup, this is the perfect episode for you.

“The cool thing of a startup in general is that everyday you keep moving ideas around.”


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#9 - InClub, the anti-social media trend | Luca Bertelli
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