#6 - Refluenced: Revolutionizing micro influencer marketing | Jonas Holzer

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Jonas Holzer is a co-founder of Refluenced, a Zurich-based startup aiming to revolutionize micro-influencer marketing by connecting influencers with brands. We talk about their recent appearance in Hoehle der Loewen, a Switzerland version of the famous Shark Tank TV show, where they succeeded in raising $300,000 Francs in investment, live on air.

We discussed the struggles and behind-the-scenes stories of creating a tech startup and his fascination with Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. I genuinely believe that Jonas and his Team will achieve their goal and beyond, and I am really thrilled that we had him on our podcast. I hope you also get inspiration from this episode.

Memorable quotes:

“While preparing the pitch at the parking lot, we got called in, and when we thought we finally had time, we had to go into the show right-away, without even completing the pitch once before. When we entered the room, the five lions (investors) were there, 15 cameras and we did the pitch for the very first time in the show itself”

“When I was five years old, I was so fascinated by the DVD player, I always clicked on it. And when I was 12, I got my first computer (iMAC G4), and I always wanted to know how everything works in the deep level. And soon I encountered the Terminal, which for me was like a magic door for me into enabling stuff that a UI (User Interface) couldn't”

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#6 - Refluenced: Revolutionizing micro influencer marketing | Jonas Holzer
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