#4 - Zipline, NashJudge and studying at TU Delft and ETH Zurich | Max Martinez

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Max Martinez was, at the time of recording, a few days away from graduating from his Masters of Robotics at ETH Zurich and starting a full-time job at Zipline in San Francisco. He’s a good friend of mine as we both studied Aerospace in Delft and transitioned to Robotics at ETH for our Masters. We chat about his many side-projects, elite sport, Zipline, his recent whitepaper called NashJudge and many other existential questions about AI and its future.  

“I’ve learned so much more in OCW than anywhere else, including my university in Delft.”  

“You need countries to be incentivized to cooperate because if they are incentivized to cooperate, then the rational action or decision to make is the one that is actually aligned with the common good”  

"The century we live in now will be remembered as the one where computers learned the human language"  

00:00 - Intro 

00:49 - Portfolio projects 

04:06 - Finswimming 

9:53 - Going to TU Delft 

15:24 - Switching fields and going to ETH Zurich 

21:25 - Zipline 

42:04 - Nash Judge 

1:12:13 - Intuition-based questions 


Max’ portfolio website: https://maxmartinezruts.github.io/ 

Episode resources: https://www.notion.so/Max-Martinez-Resources-acf93868e2474399a5ca2d9434324ca0  

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#4 - Zipline, NashJudge and studying at TU Delft and ETH Zurich | Max Martinez
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