#2 - From Seoul to Zurich and the wonders of flight | Junwoo Hwang (Co-host)

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Junwoo Hwang is an Electrical Engineering Bachelor's student at Korea University and a co-host of the podcast Before They Change The World. 

He is currently doing an internship at Auterion (https://auterion.com/) and in his free time he enjoys climbing, paragliding and doing DIY engineering personal projects.

In this casual conversation we talk about his youth in South Korea and the US, his passion for engineering, how he ended up in Switzerland, what he does with his time and an outlook into his future

Memorable quotes:

"not to put a stereotype on Asian culture, but you know, I was forced to study. I couldn't even go out play soccer with my friends cuz I was begging my mom to go out. I was telling her I want to go out play, but she was not letting me go out until I solved a hundred problems per day or something."

"In order to change the world, I think you really need to change people."

If you want to learn more about Junwoo, check out is his personal blog: https://beginnerjunwoo.wordpress.com/

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#2 - From Seoul to Zurich and the wonders of flight | Junwoo Hwang (Co-host)
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