#10 - Alter Ego: Virtual fitting rooms for online shopping | Fayçal M'hamdi

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Fayçal is a CS MSc at ETH and co-founder of Alter Ego, a startup creating virtual fitting rooms to allow shoppers to try clothes digitally on their own avatar.

We speak about how Alter Ego was born and their progress so far, the challenges of developing the technology behind Alter Ego, their plans for expanding the team and the business, their business model and the potential use cases for their technology in the fashion and retail industry.

As you’ll soon be able to tell, Fayçal is deeply passionate about fashion and cares deeply about revolutionizing this space, not only for his own convenience but also to address sustainability issues of the retail industry today.


Alter Ego Website: https://www.alter-ego.ai/

Find more information in the episode resources link: https://www.notion.so/davidalonso/Fay-al-Alter-Ego-74fce69398664cbca952baa973a960c4?pvs=4


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#10 - Alter Ego: Virtual fitting rooms for online shopping | Fayçal M'hamdi
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